And it’s not that hard…

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How many gratitude journals have you bought this year? How many articles on happiness have you read this week? As a human race, we have always been interested in happiness. However, in recent years, this interest has turned into an obsession. So much so that happiness has become the only accepted emotion. If you’re not feeling happy or content or satisfied, then you’re a mental patient and you must see a psychiatrist immediately.

Under such pressure, it is no wonder we are constantly looking to feel happy, especially when we browse social media and see everyone else living a life…

And what a relief that is!

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I’m always amazed by how much I believe other people care. I’m equally amazed by how much other people believe *I* care. I remember my friend being completely flustered when she wore mismatched shoes by accident. She *knew* the whole world was looking at her through a microscope, waiting to point her every flaw. No one noticed. Or if they did, no one cared.

We’re often preoccupied with the opinion of others, imagining their hawk-like gaze on our average life. If allowed, this fear can be a powerful motivator and the compass behind our every choice, which can lead to…

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Out of the many dilemmas a porcupine may have, there’s one that we share as humans. Whenever a porcupine wishes to get closer to another porcupine, it has to assume the risk of getting hurt. Those quills are sharp, and the closer you get to them, the higher the risk of getting stabbed.

Our dilemma, although less literal, is no less painful. Whenever we crave human intimacy, we also have to assume the risk of getting hurt. The people closer to us are the ones who usually bear the brunt of our personality. They’re the ones that know us without…

We must experience three transformations: from camel to lion to child.

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I love the treadmill. I can get my daily cardio without having to worry about tripping, falling and losing my dignity in front of onlookers. I can peacefully listen to my favorite tunes without having to worry about a car running me over if I’m not aware of my surroundings. I always leave the treadmill with a sense of accomplishment. “Ah, today I ran X miles. (That number is rarely higher than 3, but that’s another topic.) I can now vegetate for the rest of the day.”

But not all treadmills are enjoyable. …

One must still have chaos in one to give birth to a dancing star

Your inner chaos can give you the impulse you need to change your life. Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Inner chaos is scary. It turns our worlds upside down. It makes us question every belief we’ve held, every decision we’ve taken. It keeps up at night.

Yet chaos is not the enemy. Chaos is simply a symptom that alerts us of a bigger problem: dissatisfaction. Most people go through life trying to please others, living our lives for those around us and not for ourselves. We’ve kept the act for so long that our inner self, finally exhausted of the many chains that we wrap around its neck every day, starts manifesting itself as inner doubts, emotional voids, and…

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My biggest fear as a child was never the monster under my bed, although he wasn’t the friendliest of monsters. My young mind was more preoccupied with pleasing the adults in my life, whether it was my parents, my teachers, or even the random aunt or uncle. I wanted to be the perfect child. I wanted the perfect report card. I wanted those approval looks that gave meaning to my life. …

Gabriella H.

I’m always curious, always looking for something new to learn, using life as a learning canvas.

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