4 Lessons Only My OCD Could Have Taught Me

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I’m Stronger Than My Impulses

One of the worst aspects of OCD are the compulsions, those repetitive, insane thoughts that force you to do something, as inane as it may be. I remember crying while washing my hands because I didn’t want to wash them, but I had to. In her frustration, my mom had to physically restrain me from washing my hands, and that was probably the best thing that ever happened to me.

Being unable to perform my ritual forced me to deal with my mental anguish without resorting to my obsessions. Of course, it wasn’t easy. I could feel my chest burning, like something wanted to escape from inside, and I needed to run to a sink and wash my hands, but I couldn’t, and my mom wouldn’t budge.

I cried for hours… until the thought slowly receded only to come back later. I had to fight the impulse several times a day, but the unavailability of a sink made it impossible for me to complete my ritual, which forced me to fight my thought over and over, until I learned that I was stronger than it, that it could be fought, and that the thought wasn’t all powerful.

Be Comfortable With Pain

Fighting these thoughts took all my energy. I was in constant emotional pain, but much like running or weight-lifting, or any other physical exercise, the pain becomes less with practice. Mind you, the pain never completely goes away, but it becomes more tolerable, and you become stronger and more able to fight it.

Thoughts Are Way More Powerful Than I Thought

Mind control is the best super power hands down. I want to be Professor X or Jean Grey from X-Men. But I won’t be so ambitious. I don’t want to control other people’s mind. I’d be happy just controlling my own.

Question Your Mind

As powerful as the mind is, it’s also a big, fat liar, which makes life quite tricky. You have this super powerful organ whispering terrible things inside your head. This mind with Yoda-like powers can make you believe whatever it wants you to believe.



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Gabriella H.

Gabriella H.


I’m always curious, always looking for something new to learn, using life as a learning canvas.